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Hello from Australia

Hello to All

Have been a long time reader of EAB and user of Emulators but after a visit to my Dad's place on the weekend I am now back to using the real thing.

I have not had an Amiga computer since the late 90s when I had a CD32 and SX1 Module but I now have in my possession an Amiga A1200 with Blizzard 1260. Dad was throwing out of lot of stuff and I did not realize how much further he went with the Amiga. (I went to the dark side as it was called in the day around '99).

I also have on the way an Amiga A4000/030 which I have always dreamed of owning back in the day.

So really looking forward to getting back into playing on the Amiga and contributing to the community. (Now to remember how it all worked).

Talk Soon

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