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Buying a new Amiga ? I need your help to know what is really avayable today ?

Sorry of boring you with question that will like stupid to you, but it is now more than 10 years that i have betray my lovely girlfriend (1 Amiga 500 and 1 Amiga 1200 sold for buying a pc) with an horrible pc (a 386 pc with 2 Mo, rapidly extended to an 486 + 40 Mo, needed for study at computer school).
So, i don't know any of today Amiga world aspect and need all informations that you can give me before i taking the right decision.

Ok, i have thincking seriously long time ago now, to change my computer back to an Amiga.
I am very addict to Amiga, a real fan, like a drugs, i can't stop to remember the good old time, (maybee is the Amiga the lost paradise ?).
I have a pc up-to-date, with 256 Mo of ram and all serious quality hardware that you can use on a pc like creative labs sound and graphics card, yamaha cd-writer, hd ide of 17 Gb, and if i don't change my computer, i will upgrade a lot with hd, zip drives, ect...

But i am not happy, windows 98 is a shit of OS and Linux is a little tricky for an beginner on this OS (and i like Linux for is stability, i have just try it a couple of weeks 1 year ago before i take the decision to change definitively to linux, now i am still running with winblows).

Just the introduction above for that you know what i have for a hardware computer today.

Emulators are fun to use, but will never replace the real thing, the real Amiga.
Wich have never got an real Amiga, can't understand that feeling !

Now here is the question that is very important to me.

1) Wich of Amiga must i buy (but think about it, if i buy an Amiga, it is not for only playing game for one year, i want keep it at least 10 years, using it every day for surfing internet, for write my letters, ect...).

a) the Amiga 1200 seem a pretty good choice, low price, but not very extensible and cannot use a svga monitor (and will never can be used for old games, video frequency are too low !).

b) The Amiga 4000 with i a good processor (68040) and more extensible. but i don't know if he can use a svga monitor and ide hds/cd-writer and zip drives.

c) The AmigaOne that will be usable for perfect emulation of classics Amiga and the futur Amiga.
Akira seem that he don't like it, but it seem for me that a new powerfull Amiga is a good idea.
Maybee Akira don't believe in that dream or else he is waiting that a more serious company will make it ?

d) For a best use of the Amiga and for the best extensibility, do i need another case, if yes witch one ?

2) For programming and games devellopement:
I am not only interest in commercial programming language, if you know shareware / freeware of good quality, you can tell me too.

a) What assembler does exist for programmer the 680xx processor and the ppc cpu ?
Is there any serious books (french or english) about the Amiga programming in assembly for the today hardware ?
And for the 680xx cpu ? And for the ppc cpu ?

b) What Language C does exist for an Amiga of today ?

c) The very good roms kernels (i had both of it for roms 1.3 and roms 2.0, 3 books with a black cover for version 2.0 if i remember good) does exist today ?
I have looking after on the internet site of addison-wesley but seem not avaible anymore.
Is there others very good books for Amiga programming ?

d) Is there any public domaine sources of programs (to see what an how to do) on internet ?

3) About games:

a) Is there any company that continue to devellop games today for Amiga ?

4) General questions:

a) What is the best company for buying extension cards for Amiga ?
For example: Turbo cards, memory extension card, ide and pci extensions card ?

b) Can i use some of my pc hardware on Amiga like hd, cd-writers (yamaha), joystick, video card, sound card, ect...

c) Is the Amiga always plug and play or it is now very difficult to extend him with new hardware ?

d) When i buy an new Amiga is the Amiga OS 3.5 or 3.9 that is shipped with (on cd-roms i suppose) or must be buying appart ?

Ok, i thing it is now enough question for this post.
I will shoot again after the first answears

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