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Originally Posted by jaymond View Post
This case assembly is doing my head in now, theres a gap between it

I have WB 2.05
Keyboard wasn't in right, but I guess you found that now.

Originally Posted by jaymond View Post
Got there eventually but the disk reading light appears to have snapped.Elecrical tape or solder? hmmms its a right old bugger cos it's so tiny
Solder job, but should be simple. Happens all the time to these LED's.

A600's are a pain in that sense. Still think they're cute little Miggy's though.

I'd be happy to setup your CF card if you want to send it to me, have done quite a few now for various people.

I will write a guide at some point but busy preparing my Amiga's for the Retr0 Replay event as some of are exhibiting.

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