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I have no idea whatsoever about the geometry of the files.
The files don't have a geometry, the harddisk has. That's the reason why you need ti specify the geometry in the configuration.

Which program did you use to create these files? Check if the program can display the geometry of the source partitions. Or use a program which can put the entire HDD (all partitions) into *one* HDF, for example TSGUI.

Well the HDF files can be read through Windows explorer. the .hdf files are recognised. I can have access to the first directories but won't allow me to browse further. then I simply wanted to copy the files from the .hdf on to my xp hd.
It's definitely not Windows Explorer which reads the files. You've probably installed some extension like ADFOpus or the like. Right-click on a HDF and move the cursor over "open with...". The topmost menu entry names the program which is used to open the files.
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