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Originally posted by Akira
If the guy sold it with a DOA or "perfect working condition" statement, you MUST complain to him and make him give back your cash. 150 euros is a LOT of cash to be blown.

Well; I didn't buy this at an auction but bought it just so from him. But as I know he is also selling LOTS of C= and other old computer/console stuff on Ebay and has a very, very good history I trusted him and sent him the money.
I believe a C64-GS is worth the 120 Euros because it is a VERY rare C64 ! ( even rarer than the SX because it was a BIG flop and only sold in England and Denmark ) And for a C64 collector like me it simply is a must-have

Ofcourse he said the GS was working, and now he will at least send me a C64-C for spareparts.
Hope I get the GS working without having to desolder lots of chips.... ( everything except VIC and SID is soldered in in these fu$%&ng C64-C boards )
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