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Thread Revived!

Yet again I bring this old thread back to life

Well lots has changed since I posted this thread, as many of you know I have Blizzard PPC now and I finally got Warp3D working

Warp3D is now working on both my Voodoo3 and Voodoo5 and as I mentioned in my Warp3D help thread it was the Mediator CD putting A4000 drivers instead of A1200 Warp3D drivers that was causing the problem!

So now I have many games working in PPC/Warp3D Wipeout 2097, Quake 2 (in MiniGL) Shogo MAD and the non PPC Version of GL Quake.

But can I get GLQuakeWOS to run? No!!!!

Every Warp3D/Mediator ENV setting I try it always crashes after you run the exe with WarpOS /PowerPC Exception

Then if I try to run it again (or anything else for that matter) I get cannot init audio.device error.

Any idea's what I am doing wrong here?

I've re-installed AHI, and my Soundblaster is working and setup in AHI prefs.

Its annoying becuase every other game now works except this one, yes I can play the GL version with the 060 but the frame rate drops a lot, it looks awesome on GL, I'd just love the PPC Powah behind it

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