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Originally Posted by MarkONE View Post
I wished there would be something available for the CD32 ... But saying that, I assume there are hardly any users left ;(
Well I don't currently own a CD32 but its on my list to get when i'm back home in January.

Originally Posted by Cammy View Post
I'd spend money on a CD32 accelerator before I spend it on one for the A600 or A1200. I have all these Amigas but the one I'd love to boost the speed of the most is definitely the CD32!
I agree exactly! My A1200 is maxxed out already, and my sons A600 is fine at stock level for his use, but I had ideas on buying a second A1200 and putting an 030 in it just for WHDLoad games... but then I thought, hang on, a CD32 with a 030 would be perfect for that job actually being a games machine that can natively play all the CD32 games too. installed with something like the upcoming X-Bench WHDload OS it would be awesome!
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