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Unhappy Loadmodule failing after BB3 install


I've just installed BB3 and my A1200 no longer boots from hard drive

At the end of the install script I added the Loadmodule and SetPatch lines to the startup-sequence file as suggested.

When I tried to boot from HD for the first time, I got an error regarding Fast Filesystem and, after reading the posts for a while, I tried to fix it altering the LoadModule command as follows :

SYS:C/LoadModule L:FastFileSystem NOREBOOT >NIL:

Now I'm getting a different error :

"SYS:C/LoadModule failed returncode 10"

I have seen in previous messages this has to do with the absence of scsi.device in DEVS drawer but I can see the file there (version 50.1) so I don't know which is the problem ...

I have a Powerflyer (Elbox Fast ATA) controller which loads a program called ATA3prefs at the very start of s-s file ... could it be related to the error ???

Any idea on how to fix the problem??

Thanks in advance.

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