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Some news about the Amiwest2010

On the Amiganews website are some news about this years Amiwest show:

This year some well known people in the Amiga scene attended the show: Trevor Dickinson, Hans-Jörg, Thomas Frieden, Ben Hermans, Jens Schönfeld, Carl Sassenrath, Dale Luck and Carl Sassenraths.

One of the highlights where a presentation from Trevor Dickinson about the progress of the AmigaOne X1000 project and the presentation by Jens Schoenfeld of his new development for the Amiga 600 and 1200, a accelerator with a 68EC030 CPU.

Carl Sassenraths sold some very rare Amiga souvenirs:

- Amiga-1000-Prototyp
- AA3000-Prototyp
- AmigaCD32-Prototyp-Board "Spellbound" with the Debug-Card
- Amiga CDTV CR
- three new Amiga CDTVs
- and a new Amiga CDTV Professional Kit

So it looks like as when they had a lot of fun!

For more details just visit Amiganews under the follwing link:

There are some videos too.
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