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Right, right, your US Plus/4 really looks little bit different to my PAL one.
Where there is '+4' in yours there is written 'plus/4' on mine....

Meanwhile I also bought myself something special:
A C64 Games System ( C64-GS )
Cost me 120 Euros ( 150 with shipping ) !!! - phuuuu, time to do some extrawork for me to afford it

Sadly the GS doesn't work
It definitely is an original GS and not a selfmade one from a spare GS case and a C64-C board. It was also still sealed !
But it gives me a typical black screen when turned on

I believe the seller cheated on me, but ofcourse I cannot proof this. But chances are very low that things get damaged electronically during shipping. If soemthing gets broken on the way then for 99% it is things like a broken case or other mechanical damages , but no electronic ones.

But I will surely fix it one day
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