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Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
My schoolmate was able to complete Dragon Ninja with one coin, without loosing a life and he was holding a cigarette in one hand during the playing. I remember him standing in a front of the cabinet, while he had a pint of beer standing on its top
Haha, awesome. I can imagine that scene vividly.

Originally Posted by gimbal View Post
So true, although for me it was a few years later The bright colors, the speed, the sound, the girlfriend giving you a kiss before you blast off... Epic game.
Oh yea, it was so California and breezy.

I was in for a surprise as a 10 year old when a friend threw a birthday party. We were invited to his parents house, gave some presents, ate some cake and probably after an hour all the buddies were given 25 guilders to go play at the arcade. We all couldn't believe this dream coming true. That was a looot of money at the time so the world was ours. Double Dragon with my best friend for about 20 times and the rest on others. Super Hang-On was on a actual bike and probably After Burner (with Top Gun being a hit) was the coolest I had ever experienced. It was really difficult

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