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Here's the code included with AMOS CRAFT to draw a Mandelbrot fractal in AMOS BASIC. It also demonstrates how CRAFT's built-in Mandelbrot generator works.
It should be easily portable to other forms of BASIC too.
Remember # indicates a floating point type variable, while $AA ($0AA) is a hexadecimal constant. The palette is 16 shades of turquoise:

' The slow mandelbrot by Hannu Rummukainen
' This program has been made to demonstrate the amazing effectiveness
' of the algorithms used in the CRAFT extension. The program calculates
' a picture of the Mandelbrot set in AMOS. It does the same trick as 
' the following CRAFT instructions:
' Fr Window 0
' Fr Position -16000,12800 
' Fr Step 100
' Fr Mandelbrot 16 
Screen Open 0,320,256,16,Lowres
Curs Off : Flash Off : Cls 0
Palette 0,$11,$22,$33,$44,$55,$66,$77,$88,$99,$AA,$BB,$CC,$DD,$EE,$FF
For Y=0 To 255
   For X=0 To 319
         Inc N
      Until ZR#*ZR#+ZI#*ZI#>4 or N=16
      Plot X,Y,N
   Next X
Next Y
On testing in WinUAE, the CRAFT extension instructions do give a slightly different result to the BASIC code, however:
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