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Originally posted by mr_0rga5m
"there is nothing special about the name" .. aww

I thought it might have been like a guy me and my mate used to swap with on the 64, `N.O.S.A.H' which stood for .. No Original Software Available Here.

Cool nick huh.
We had a swapping group back in the day and we merged with a different group of high school kids who went by the name N.W.A. I knew some of them liked rap music, so when they kept badgering me to guess what the NWA stood for, I just dismissed them. Finally they just told me: Nerds With Amigas!

Off topic, but I remember once I created an account on one of LSD's boards under the username Noah Plode. I though they might find the honesty-in-leeching approach refreshing. They didn't.
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