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I dont know about WWarp ill check it out - It doesnt seem to like my HD disks and I think my Drive is on its way out.
Why cant PowerCopy backup PDOS Disks?

Anyways with PowerCopy thanks to dlfrsilver
I have written back the following working

Beyond Dark Castle
Cross Check
Ghosts 'N Goblins
Final Fight
Great Giana Sisters
Puffy Saga
Rainbow Islands - Only one particluar IPF Version,Couldnt create eADF, not sure Copy Pro
Smash Tv
SuperCars 2
Twin World
Wings Of Death
Back to the future III - US version Manual protection


New Zealand Story - After LockPick Patch
Lemmings - After LockPick Patch
Mercs - Patch dlfrsilver

and then other
Gods - Amiga Patch List
TinTin - No Pro
Daleck Attack - cant remember
Toki - Budget cant remember
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