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Originally posted by Puzzle
You know, you can stop the mega-corporations from pushing through their opinions. How? It's called voting.

The next time there's an election in your country, vote for a party that are sceptical of (or opposing) large corporations and corporatism itself.
You know why you vote for officials instead of every single law passed? Because the officials are to take care of all the voting by being representatives. Just too bad that money make a very very persuasive argument. I can't remember his name but he gives talks about free software and such. He described the current situation when discussing laws in the making : If you're explaining you're losing.

You might be as right as you want, have a politic as close to the one the officials got elected for. As long as you don't have money incentive or a marketing division to come up with a slogan you ain't got a chance getting anything changed unless you amass a massive demonstration, which would probably be ignored. Here in Denmark to take an example there have been cases where a local law would be passed, or some other decision. Some people start collecting signatures against it. Even though they in a limited time reach over 25% of the population in the area the effect would cover it'd still be described as "a few people who are unimportant but entitled to their opinion".

Let's take another example. Most of the EU countries were just forced to get the Euro currency. Denmark was one of the countries where the population actually got to vote, the result was a no. Shortly after politicians started messing about with a workaround but were luckily stopped before finding a workaround which would go around the population. Let's ask all the Euro residents here how many of them would've voted yes had they gotten the choice?
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