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Democracy means you have the option of buying from 100 brands of breakfast cereal. You also get to cast a vote that has become more meaningless every 4 years.

If you wanted to make the president of the US a better position make the term last 10 years with NO re-election chances. That way the prick doesnt have to worry about getting re-elected and can concentrate on LONG term planning for the country. Foriegn policy here is a mish mash of ideas that change every 4 years.. hasnt been a long term strategy in quite a while. Would also be nice if the population had the option of emergency elections to impeach the president if he was doing a bad job during his 10 year term (keeps the prick honest and working for US).

The 2 major parties are more alike then different, and they all kiss big buisiness ass. Any attempt at a real 3rd part (something that has worked long ago in the history of the USA) has to contend with millions of dollars of TV and Radio airtime from the other 2 parties trying to ruin it.

There are 2 ways to make alot of money in the world these days:
1: Run a company into the ground and rape it along the way
2: Get elected to a high government position and take bribes from everybody while your in office.
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