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Best way to juice my 1200 HD/40


I was lucky to come by a rare 1200 HD/40 in excellent condition a few months back. Apparently was never taken out of the box and was stuck in a closet so really looks brand new and works well.

Since the C64 got me started in my geekdom i cut my teeth on the amiga (had a 3000 running lightwave back in the day) and would love to get this baby up and running at full speed.

I am thinking of tracking down a blizard ppc card for it... i got a blizzard 1230 IV with 64mg ram (68030/50) a month ago and stuck it in there but from what i understand this would be too slow to run Amiga OS 3.5 on and i want to upgrade the os?

Any help or pointers would be appreciated!

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