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I've just spent another couple of hours tinkering with my GVP Impact.

I couldn't get it to work for about an hour (FaaastPrep program said 'can't find gvpscsi.device' when I tried to prep the drive.

With the drive still set to 'autoboot', I turned the drive off and on again with the power supply button and the hard drive light started flashing and FaaastPrep recognised the drive and I was able to set it up.

I tried installing some games copied onto blank discs but the hard drive directory just showed the Trashcan icon each time.

I then tried installing Deluxe Paint 2 and surprisingly, it copied over fine.

I'm not sure why but installing Deluxe Paint first and then the games afterwards also made the games disappear.

I get the impression the drive only likes certain discs.
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