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Yes, that's right.

BTW, Mask and MaxTransfer are not dependent on the device used, they are specific to the controller. 0x7ffffffe and 0x1fe00 are the correct values for the internal IDE controller, no matter whether a real harddrive or a CF card is used. MaxTransfer errors can as well happen on harddrives.

That so many people currently stumble across the MaxTransfer problen with their new CF cards IMHO comes from the fact that using a CF card is modern and many people change now.

Probably many people who change from HDD to CF formerly used a preinstalled HDD and now set up a mass storage device with HDToolbox for the first time. Or they just don't remember the important settings because they installed their HDD such a long time ago.

I don't believe that MaxTransfer problems are less likely to happen with a HDD than with a CF card. These errors even happen in WinUAE when using a HDF connected to the emulated IDE port.
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