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Originally Posted by tomcat666 View Post
Hmm, for some reason i cannot see the comments - when I click on "2 comments" it just removes all of them and doesn't display it Can you copy/paste them ?
Apologies for the delay. Had some 'real' work to do

Toni Bratincevic: - "My latest illustration, specially made for Amiga fans. Hope you like it"

Me - "Absolutely stunning. I've now got this as my Mac Mini's wallpaper. Have you got any other Amiga / Retro images I can take a look at?"

Toni - "Hey Robert. That's the only one I did. I would like to do some more images but I just don't have the time. I'm glad you like it"

Tomer Gabel - "Brilliant work. Is this a composite of actual photographs?"

Toni - "Hey Tomer, thanks. It's completely 3D rendering"
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