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Well, I emailed Break, thanks to Jope, and here's his reply regarding this crack intro.


That screenshot does ring a bell, I have definitely seen it at some point. Probably got it from Speedy, as he was one of my most active contacts back in the day. Coincidentally, I was a member of his group "Speedy" at the time that disk was spread..

It's definitely a joke prod, from around 1993-1994. Possibly done by Speedy & other Parasite/Polka guys. I know they were behind other similar things. Could also be a fucktro towards them.. Can't say 100% sure, could you send me the actual intro? I can and will investigate further

Also, I think Speedy is still around the net sometimes. So he might drop by EAB too to shed some light to this.
I will now send the Intro to him and let's see if his investigations come up with something a little more positive
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