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All i can say is nearly every cd32 game does work on winuae with just a couple of exceptions.
Let's put it this way: "working" and "working" are two completely different things. You *can* configure WinUAE to make Flink [CD32] "work", but because of the lack of emulation of the CD32 joypad in WinUAE you cannot play the game AT ALL. Yes, there's a hack somewhere but I couldn't get it to work properly in WinUAE.
If a CD32 game uses FULL joypad with no alternative control and you don't get your joypad *emulator* compatible with the game, you're screwed in any case. So being able to load a CD32 game, what's it good for if you cannot *control* it?
Maybe some kind soul will once implement CD32 joypad emulation into one of the emulators.
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