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[ Show youtube player ] [ Show youtube player ]

To be fair, I think Wing Commander 2,3 and most of IV could be made comftable on various Amiga setups - thinking about it now.... CDXL the FMV and make it HD installable only and you could do all of Wing Commanders on an 060 with a 3D card for sure! - prolly get away with an 030@50 for a lot of the action - a little rezed down though.

Infact a nice [ Show youtube player ]? =)

I am sure a animated / cartoon version (with less colours) would work faster on an unexpanded CD32 better that the current one.

Infact I was a little letdown on the CD32 version - perhaps I was expecting to much from the akiko c2p assitence (if there is any)


Another game that deserves to be Miggyfied is [ Show youtube player ] - although I am sure the playstation's [ Show youtube player ], is equally possible on a high-end 060 + 3Dgfx card

and considering that [ Show youtube player ] could easily be reproduced on the A1200 / CD32
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