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His surname certainly is.

When most people think of a Mandelbrot set, what comes to mind are the beautiful colour visualisations generated by computers from the 8-bits to today.
In reality, the concept of a Mandelbrot set is an extraordinarily complex abstract mathematical notion, the very existence of which shook the foundations of modern mathematics.

For more on the mathematics on fractals and Chaos theory, I recommend the book "Does God Play Dice?" by Ian Stewart. (The title is a reference to an Albert Einstein quote.)
This book is on the recommended reading list for my university's mathematics undergraduate students, but is accessible enough for those with little mathematical background.

On the subject of Mandelbrot fractals, if you enjoyed creating them on your Miggy back in the day, then check out some of the fractal generators on modern PCs.
The ability to zoom into high-definition true-colour Mandelbrot fractals in real time with a smooth framerate is quite an advancement over the Amiga 500 or 2000!

Still, Amiga helped pave the way for the wonders of modern computing:

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