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Originally Posted by sjakie43 View Post
Hi Hercules,

Did you switch the view to "configured " ?
There are about 6000+ demos configured,these should work !

And about the demos marked as "HD" these are not working indeed,
These will be added as WHDload in a later stage....(i hope).

So plz notice that of the 18000+ entries about 6000 Demos are configured.

In a few months i will release the second version of Demobase Amiga
that has about 14000 demos configured.

Maybe you should wait a little although the first release of this Demobase
is working quite well,it only has less configured demos,

Hello Sjakie43

Well it would appear everything is working then, apart from the hd demo's and those requiring a 68020+

Looking forward to the next update of demobase. Keep up the good work Sjakie43 and thank you for your efforts on this project.
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