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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
There is some games you can't write back because you don't have the knowledge nor the hability to use the tools we have available (and use DD disks not HD !)

Your illusions and your unability. this does not means it affects others.

I did more wwarp and mfm and disk format identification in a year than anyone else

I even get some help from codetapper or wepl, or wayne kerr with disk formats.

I have in powercopy some disk format file not available on the net too.

Ghost'n'goblins use the standard sync $4489 from track 0 to track 65. So what ? your disk are maybe rubbish, it works here anyway....

if you can affirm that ghost'n goblins works you can upload the wwarp file to the zone (the wwp file prepared and ready to write the floppy) then people can see if you are right or you are lying
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