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Amiga demobase - problems with some demos

I'm having problems with Amiga Demobase which Ive downloaded from the Zone.

I've installed the latest WinUAE, gamebase front end, and used the GMENUs setup wizard and selected Gamebase setup from the setup wizard. I'm running the latest release of WinUAE.

Amiga demobase now works, but it will only run A500 demo's A500 (512k chip / 512k fast ram)...

The Amiga A1200 demo's however refuse to launch, upon clicking an Amiga 1200 demo within gamebase and launching the demo, I get an error message via WinUAE which reads: 'requires a 68020 or greater'.

I also cannot get the HD demo's listed to work within gamebase. Any ideas?

I've plenty of experience with Gamebase as have also setup Gamebase Amiga, of which is running perfectly, it's just I've yet to sort out these issues with Amiga Demobase before I can enjoy all those wonderful demos in all their glory. A big thank you to the author of Amiga Demobase for his efforts...

Also their are a few missing files when I verify the sets from within gamebase. Anyone know where I can obtain them from?

Any help would be greatfully received.
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