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As for player values, this didnt happen with me. There were players which value would decrease and others increase with time. I had once a player in my Rochadle team who was in "Trial".. he was always in my starting line, so he got a price: 20k . But then it went up, up, up, his value went for something like 450k

Pass, Pass, Pass is not always a good idea. If you only do that, you will end up with a lonely striker still in the midfield, with no one else to pass the ball. You have to know when to carry the ball and driblle. Learning where your players are is essential too.

As for shooting free-kicks, DON'T PULL into the direction of the goal, or you will ALWAYS hit the wall. Try to shoot without moving the joystick vertically (neither up or down), this way you make a "mid-lob", which sometimes can pass up the wall. To shoot, then push opposite direction makes a big lob, and may work if you are in a big distance from the goal. This needs to be trained or else you will kick the ball out of the stadium

And on free kicks, always aim as near to the post as possible.
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