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Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey View Post
Thread re-opened at Jon Hare's request (and real name/address details cunningly edited out of all posts)
Thanks for this


You've contacted me yesterday at 19.26 CET. That's 24 hours ago. In that time you wrote the first mail, opened a dispute. Uncommon, but no problem for me. So far... But to post here in that manner only 2 hours after you contacted me for the first time is not acceptable, sorry.

I'm not an Ebay Junkie who is all day on that side. I simply had no chance to answer your first (and only) mail on Ebay in that time, what is not that uncommon.

Anyway...seems like you're one of those "I save the world from ruin" guys without the slightest qualm...unfortunately.

The others are right btw...I'm a good guy, and I'll never sell an item as working if I know it doesn't. The item was tested and removed (working) from a CDTV some months ago...I've made pics...and it went to all the other stuff I own. I can't say where it was damaged...I simply didn't saw the fault on the board, that's all. And to test it again wasn't necessary, as it was "stored" as working after it was tested.

So, no question that I'll refund you. But I dislike your behaviour in that transaction, so don't expect me to refund your money before I have the item back. Send it, and I'll refund you

In the meantime I try to find someone who would be able to fix that (probably) as I'm not HEHEHE.

If you have any questions, gibs, contact me via Ebay. I'll do it too now (Copy/Paste of this post)

@mods: Thread can be closed. Thanks for all
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