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Thanks for the links. I much prefer running 8bit stuff on my A1200, it just seems to look like it was meant to (phosphor glow and resolutions etc).

As for street fighter 2... I almost believed it, having read the CPC+ specs

  • 16 Sprites, each consisting of 16x16 high resolution pixels, in fifteen colours separate from the main screen colours.
  • The colour palette has been extended to allow simultaneous display of up to 32 colours (16 main + 15 sprite + border) from a palette of 4096, rather than the previous 17 from 27.
  • Additional screen controls have been added, to allow split screen operation and smooth scrolling to be used.
  • An automated sound generation process allows generation of more complex sound effects with greatly reduced software overhead.
..but isn't mentioned on any cpc demo sites, and he's turned off comments. I reckon it's a fake

Anyway, heres some cool cpc stuff:

[ Show youtube player ]

[ Show youtube player ]
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