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I don't like rabbit holes. I think that's the proper term to them. Basically on a game like Rags to Riches when you push to go into something (in this example a shave) and you then just pop out x amount of time later..... Sims 3 has some rabbit holes too....such as exploring the catacombs...this many years later and still going on... It just ends up pulling me back into reality and out of the escape I'm trying to have.

And on flight simulators they are getting better but details details details people; and missions like fly this 747 here to there, out of the box not hacked on stuff later... Meet up with other pilots... be able to SEE myself the able to get out of the plane and get in another one... an evaluation on my NOT bad try to slow down a lil more next time by descending slower and using more flaps err something like that....

And speaking of sims3 you need a super beefy pc and video card so that you can speed up time??? HELLO??? cut down the detail don't bother showing my plants slowly grow almost nothing....or the bugs above my rotting food flying.... if I am at fast do just that GO FAST.... A mode where it says skip how many hours forward and then does some chance calculations and draws a final update at the end be fine? They have it on games for like Wii like press your luck or whatever you can either WATCH your opponent take his turn or just see what the damn outcome was.... stop it or come out of it if a robber comes in or the house catches on fire and jump back to a slower time.... it's crazy when you have a "modern" day game and your still kinda stuck in a sorta way on load times.... not as bad as start the commodore 64 game loading eat breakfast come back and it'll just about be done loading game time.... but still.
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