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Originally Posted by skateblind View Post
I didn't mind the random battles that much when I first played the FF games, but now they almost make it unplayable for me.
Those J-RPG games ar getting a bit too "samey" for my liking. I used to really enjoy them, but they do become quite repetitive!

You get your usual group of characters with their own personalities (there's always one with an attitude problem or some kind of personality/social disorder)... one will inevitably fall in love with another and possibly either one ends up dying later in the games story. They obviously go on some extremely far-fetched quest in some other universe or dimension... with no doubt a war going on somewhere..... There will always be someone who turns out to be an evil traitor and can change into a giant monster or something (becomes a boss).... i could go on and on

Anyway i'm starting to get bored with these games now
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