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Brian the Lion (both AGA and non-AGA) had some interesting, 50fps rotation effects. Well, they weren't perfect rotations, as I recall. The rotated graphic expanded in size as rotation came closer to multiples of 45 degrees. Really clever though.

There was a mosaic/blocky effect used for some screen transitions. It didn't run at full speed, but it was fairly rapid.

I didn't play too far into the game, so there may have been scaling effects later on.


Anyone mentioned Alien Breed 3D 2 yet? I remember it being stupidly slow. Some of the reasons were inefficient alignment of screen data and at least some of the game data residing in chip RAM. There was a patch (by someone in DC) which fixed most of these artificial slow-downs on the retail version. I patched the patch to work on the cracked version. It made it almost playable on my 030/50
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