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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post
Random Death / Bad Sprite Collsion
Yeah.... lets be honest these games, y'know the ones where a pixel enters a 12 foot radias of you avatar and - BLAM..... your dead...

Some of these games are so bad that they should be wrapped back up and shoved so hard up the developers rectum as to enforce what collision detection really should be!
(lube is option but no recommended)
Absolutely! Clipping errors! The most prominent one I remember is the Captain Planet game that came with Cartoon Classics. On one of the levels you control a submarine and you have to guide it down a passage that's narrower than the submarine sprite! You have to guess where the sprite can overlap the walls. Get it wrong and death awaits you.

Also, something of a minor thing, but I never cared for big bosses at the end of a level on a platform game. I like platform games, I don't care for silly boss fights. The worst example being Sonic 2 for the Megadrive. Seriously, three bosses in a row? That's completely inconsistent with the rest of the game!
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