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I'll start with western RPG's as it's my favorite type of games:
(In Order of severity)

0) Zetr0, for blasphemy against the Gods.
1) Turn based combats
2) Button mashing type combats
3) 3rd person non tweakable camera view
4) Bad designed dungeons, or simplistic
5) Bad designed outdoors
6) World that are too huge
7) Repetition
8) Too many quests and side quests active at a time
9) Too many quest givers NPC's
10) Huge amount of items (20 mushroom types, 100 knife types, 200 scroll types, 300 herbs types, etc...) very very annoying, clutters the inventory, and makes a mess of everything.
11) Underpowered and almost unusable weapons
12) Situation of non return, or difficult to return, (Oblivion hero changing to vampire)
13) Childish dialogues
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