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yep ever game should have cut the crap button to proceed

when I play a game its sposed to be fun not want do x,y and/or Z just so I can have a laff and some fun

not to sure on newer games but on some old mutilplayer over the network games where its only you and your friend (if you have some ) Game dos`t let u add any bots but if you play single player there is lots of computer players to go up against

As Zetro said random buggy code, will it happen in our life time that dev`s will write some code that dos`t need an update. Crumbs this industry is 40 years old, in terms of aviation we have done low and high earth orbit, man on the moon, probs heading out of our galaxy, supersonic flight, fly by wire.... wonder if that need`s an update too just before take off ......
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