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David Makin
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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Hi David and welcome to EAB
We have you listed as 'Dave' on HOL right now :
Guess we should change that now
Enjoy your stay
Dave or David, I don't mind !
And most search engines recognise either

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Hi David - I remember Crystal Dragon - I actually bought it!

On HOL you are also credited with Super Scramble Simulator - was that an original idea of yours? - I seem to remember a very similar game to Super Scramble Simulator being downloadable as a shareware game for Windows about 5 years ago - was that you?

Super Scramble Simulator was a progression from Shaun Southern's old 8-bit game "Kickstart" and the level design was by Andrew Morris - I gave him a bit of a difficult job because to make the courses as varied as possible he had to position vertical strips just 16 pixels wide !

The similar game wasn't me.

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Cool and welcome, its a great game..Please share any information about the developing process or any other interesting information you have about it
Originally Posted by andreas View Post
Don't mention it! I just always like the stories these guys would tell from their former employers, also in respect to size/space/whatever limitations they had to face (and work around)!
Hmmm, the developing process was pretty intense because there were only 2 of us, myself and Ian Lewis.
Ian did all the graphics and designed the levels though I had some input with respect to what was possible as far as puzzles went (i.e. switches/pits/teleports etc.)
The basic system for health/stamina/food/water/experience/poison/disease etc. was one of the first things we did.
This was tested with a small AMOS program that ran in extreme accelerated mode as far as all the stats were concerned and we tweaked things so that (for example) when you got to the green dragon (poison) if you got a full poison bar but were at the estimated levels for that point in the game then you could just about manage to survive
I have to admit that the game editor was a bit of a pain for Ian to use because due to lack of available memory there wasn't a proper "undo" mode, this is partly why there's the odd lock or switch remaining in the game that are just red-herrings
Overall it took two years, one of the most difficult things to solve was the save game and current game state saving (when changing dungeon levels) each level was 64k plus another 32k for other data, I think there were 24 levels and we allowed up to 5 saved games - and all this had to fit on a floppy. In the end I used a "save changes" method - however if you play the game a fair way through and then proceed to drop a single object on each square of one of the middle levels then it's quite possible that major failure will occur when exiting the level or saving the game !!
As each level was designed Ian would keep playtesting and adjusting the amount of food, weapons and spells etc. so that if you played reasonably well then you'd not starve or be too overmatched etc.
I say it was intense because at one point I was programming for around 16 hours a day for 7 days a week over a period of around two months.
During this time I got really annoyed one day because some of my code seemed to have disappeared - it was only after discussion with Ian that I realised the relevant code was something I'd worked out in my head the night before but hadn't actually written yet

Just to add that I think one of my favourite features of the game was the confusion spell, especially as applied in a certain winding corridor with traps firing confusion spells along with moving pits

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