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PCExpress is already the PC's answer to /X (so far as I remember).

The really difficult thing is how much demand there is likely to be. Visiting a BBS is a great nostalgia trip, for sure, but there's no actual use for it.

Everything BBS's used to enable us to do, the internet now has a much better answer for.

Messaging = Email or forums.
File transfer = FTP.
Games = Take your pick!

Having said that, I'm setting up an /X BBS (slowly, I don't have spare time to dedicate to it - thanks to Minecraft). I'm planning on having an emulated Amiga environment for a telnettable connection, as I don't have funds spare to get my A1200 onto a network. The A1200 can have a real phoneline, as I've a spare USR Sportster modem.

I don't think it would be worthwhile spending development time to get PHP (and Javascript, there's no avoiding the need for that) to emulate a BBS environment.
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