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Originally Posted by rsn8887;705831

In terms of 2D I want to mention some more amazing gems. [B
Adventures of Lomax[/B] is another breathtakingly beautfiful 2D game that aged incredibly well.
The fatastic Henk Nieborg. He did Lionheart, Flink and Ambermoon graphics an the Amiga Check them out if you want to see games that have aged well!

Couple of old game dev snipets:

PS1 did not have perspective correction, hence crooked textures (you could get around this with automatic tesselation-cost some of your poly budget though).

It could draw loads of polys, but you had to make them quite small, else they would disapear!

It did not have a Z-buffer, you had to write one. So some games had objects vanishing at weird times.

N64 had Z-buffer, perspective correction and alpha blending, but not enough ram

Sega kept releasing games with plenty of ploy's, and transparency on the saturn-but would not release to 3rd parties how they did it. One of the reasons devs felt no qualms in deserting them with the dreamcast.
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