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Eab Member Ripped Me Off Cont...

Hi guys,

I know this thread will get locked or deleted and this account banned very soon.

Just want you to know MODS your banning/blocking methods are pathetic and i can bypass them at my choosing.

Anyway back to the subject at hand this morning i saw a member called empire got banned for seeing what was blatant and obvious seems to me you're all in on this rippoff from Jimbo.

The real reason i am here is to let you all know Jimbo has now been outed as the lying theif he is.

I have reported him and will be sending him an email with the following link just incase he does not see this thread before one of the so called fair and non taking sides mods sees it.

[Link removed as it contains somebody's address! - Graham]

Whatever i won't let him get away with ripping me off and @ u Jimbo this is your last chance to do the right thing i won't give you another chance.

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