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Originally Posted by menace View Post
By "pixel perfect" I mean that if a game is running at 320x256, I want to output an exact 320x256 image file containing each and every pixel as presented on the original amiga, nothing more, nothing less

Just to be clear.
If Toni could get something like "emulated monitor circuitry" implemented to deal with overscan, then I guess it would be possible, but again, I have never heard of such a thing and quite honestly I don't even know how exactly WinUAE outputs the graphics in comparison to what real Amiga hardware would.

Right now you get to choose a screen mode and WinUAE comes up with the centering on it's own, which may or may not look ok but it's far better than being through the pain of manually adjusting it yourself for every piece of software you run.

I've never heard of anything Amiga capable of handling a low-res, non-laced mode higher than 368x290, so IMO it would be the sensitive choice to build your custom screen modes around that.
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