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Originally Posted by menace View Post
By "pixel perfect" I mean that if a game is running at 320x256, I want to output an exact 320x256 image file containing each and every pixel as presented on the original amiga, nothing more, nothing less

Just to be clear.

I am mostly looking to do screenshots from demos, the workbench things discussed earlier are very seldom the case. I just sometimes see minor details (most prominently, fonts) that seem "off", like they are missing one pixel size sideways, for example. I will experiment some more, and see if I can't give a few examples.
As Toni said on post #2 WB screns are 640 pixels width, if you use in image settings "Resolution: Lores" instead of "Resolution: Hires (normal)" you'll have truncated pixels, because you can't put 640 pixels on 320.

I you want to reproduce screenshot demos you'll have to cope also with overscan. The majority of demos use overscan that will pass way beyond the 320 pixel resolution.
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