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many from bttr...

I've decided to move my first curious step in the demos country after reading another thread in wich was said about the spaceballs team and pieces like bier among others, so i've got a look on the top rated demos in bttr site.
my prob is that even if i stick glued to the configs suggested (err... yes but with the latest winuae) i cannot start many HD-only demos, Lapsuus, Neo, Perfect Circle, Planet Goa are only few exemples. The same error for all of them:
"this file is not an executable"
What kind of error is this? i mean beside its obvious statement, i.e that the file may be corrupted i think, could it suggest me that i need to switch some not so ovious lever?
Can someone drag me out of my ignorance and/or claim that those files are really corrupted or not meant for my computer/OS/home/desk/street adress?

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