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Originally Posted by Peter View Post
Nice work Robert, thank you - good to see you got your OS.3.9 issues sorted out also!
Thanks Peter. It was just before midnight last night when I finally got it up and running.

I tried the system again this morning, just before setting off to go to work, and was half expecting a "not a DOS disk in DH0:", but all is well with the world.

I've left it copying over my first CD of WHDload stuff back to the hard disk.

Once I've got Beetle knocked on the head, I'll move on to Mr. Numpty and The Alien Invaders. I'm pretty sure that as well as the map I may also have a demo disk that the author enclosed, and possibly even a letter giving some background information about the game.

It's all handwritten, and not that easy to read, but it is a piece of Amiga history.

Would you want the demo disk, too? (If I still have it). The author explained that they were demos he'd been sending off to game companies in an effort to get an interview.
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