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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post

trust me, ultimately it'll be better for the customers if proper service can be provided. If you end up having bought an accelerator that does not work with your particular board and don't find anyone locally, you'd have wished that the vendor made sure the customer has someone to turn to for service.
I think that part is a great thing (I don't need it myself since I've got access at home & work to all the tools needed.. smt,relflow, x-ray etc..)
I'm just hoping that there will be enough stock and places to order from since I'm looking to buy a couple of the A600 and A1200 models.

I recently got back into the amiga again and it sparked interest with my neices and nephews so I bought a few amigas as christmas presents for them and these are just perfect to make the systems compete. It been a nightmare trying to find reasonably priced ram and accelerators.

I really need to say thank you for all those Amiga and C= things you still build.
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