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I'll give the latest version a quick test on my Desire.

Note that you can only play A500 games as the A1200 ROM isn't supported.

I have tried The Settlers but it appears to have stopped loading when you try to start a game. Odd.

Ok, the second test is a Cannon Fodder 2 xmas demo. No its loaded back into The Settlers! What the hell. lol. No that still doesn't work properly. lol.

Hmph there seems to be a bug. It won't remove The Settlers even though I have ejected the virtual disk it is still booting it. Bloody thing! Lmao!

Ok I have closed and restarted the application with the Cannon Fodder 2 demo. Seems to be loading ok. Selected Level 1 to play. You can have floppy LEDs on screen showing the loading like in WinUAE. Ah it loaded! Sound is perfect in this version. Sounds just like it should! Seems to be running at a good speed as well. Damn I got killed! lol. You use the optical pad to move the mouse but pressing it isn't firing the gun. Shit! Oh god damn it, I forgot it uses the right mouse button to fire! Ah bollocks! I don't think there is a right mouse button! Hmm. Seems you can swap the mouse button by going into the menu but you can only have one at a time. That makes Cannon Fodder unplayable. Also noticed distortion and flickering in the bottom part of the Amiga screen when you fire your gun. Strange!

I'll try another game then. Bubba n Stix. Pressing the HTC Desire menu button brings up a list of options at the bottom of the screen:

Manage, Reset, Quit, Load State, Save State, More..
Switch to keyboard mode
Show touch controls
Change mouse button

When you go into Manage you can add and remove disks from the virtual drive. I just tried again with Cannon Fodder 2 and even though I removed the disk the bloody thing is still loading the previous disk. I can see this getting very fu**ing annoying!

Ok I used the quit option which closes the emulation but allows you to configure the Amiga and restart the emulation. This appears to be the only way to restart with a new game. Bubba n Stix was booting ok but has just come up with an Amiga error. Out of Memory! Please reboot and remove any external drive. Great! This is going well. lol. I'll remove disk 2 and try again. Its loading... Nope same error.

Ok the next test is Alien Breed Tower Assault... Loading ok so far...Strange, its asking for disk 2 even though I put it in DF1. No matter. Swap disks, press fire buton (optical pad). Great its loaded to the start screen. You can have on screen joypad-style controls. I think I will need them for this game... Let have a go, its just loaded to the game...Hmm this seems pretty damn good. The on-screen transparent controls are easy to use. There is a slight lag in the sound. When you fire your gun the sound starts about half a second after it starts firing. Its quite noticable. Good speed though. Scrolling is fairly smooth. I'm into the main complex now.

I use the virtual pad to move the player and the optical pad to fire the gun. Works well. I just removed the on-screen LEDs to get a bit more screen shown. Its annoying that when you leave the Manage part of the menu it always ask you if you want to reset the Amiga. No! I was just turning off the LEDs god damn it!! Stop asking me!! You can have the display stretched to fill the screen or 1x pixels or 2x pixels with correct aspect ration. I am using 2x pixels and it looks pretty good. Almost fills the screen and is the correct aspect ratio. Ok entering the complex...

Seems to play that game well. The frame rate drops every so often but it plays well, the controls work well for one button joystick type games. Sound was good if slightly laggy. I will try some more games later.

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