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More info about transdisk:

You should copy have transdisk in your c: directory into wkbench 1.3 disk,


1) Format a disk with the Amy
2) Open the shell
type transdisk -w ser: and insert the ami formatted disk in df0:, then start sending with a pc program ( with a serial cable )

or transdisk -w ser: -d trackdisk1 if you put the disk in df1:

To send/receive adf you can use for example adf sender terminal.


With a 1.3 500 it is as slow as hell, it will take about 8 minutes for a disk! So be patient...

Maybe you could gain something with the baudbandit.device ( aminet ), but i am not so sure it can gain speed even from pc to ami.

Last: can you verify if it works even with 512 kb?
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