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I'm really disappointed in you EAB.
What that really necessary? O_O

Take it easy buddy. Nobody implied you were stupid.
It's not selective reading at all, you said

"Yeah, it was basically a successor to the Amiga, in that it was very powerful and a very affordable alternative when compared to a high-end PC at the time."

..and we just don't think that being "powerful, affordable and userfriendly" makes the comparison valid, even in the field of games.

PSx could be an alternative (or a successor, if you want) to the Amiga if you see the miggy _strictly_ as a game machine, which it is not.

Then comparing the PSx to a PC, same problem, PC is not a dedicated game machine.

So all in all, saying the PSx was a successor of the Amiga is flawed. That's what we pointed out.

No hard feelings, everybody's entitled to an opinion, etc... and I think nobody was disrespectful to you or your opinions at any time and don't blame the whole EAB for a few folks. This place is awesome.
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