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I do not take deposits. Years ago, I've made it company policy to not take any money for what I cannot deliver right away. Back then, I was trying to separate myself from criminal entities in the market who just took deposits and then disappeared for good. Today, I think it's just good practise.

The timeline for both boards is "this year". Both boards are already in production. The design changes are only in the logic chips, but not the rest of the hardware. The A1200 accelerator will be available from my known resellers. The A600 accelerator will be a little restricted, as I will only deliver them to resellers who also do soldering work on the A600. That's because I have seen too many A600s with micro-cracks on the 68000 processor pins, and you need good soldering skills and equipment to fix that. If a reseller doesn't offer this service, he shouldn't offer the A600 accelerator.

The trouble with these micro-cracks is that the A600 appears to work properly if the accel is not installed. If you then plug something on top of the processor, the pins are bent far enough to the inside that contact to the mainboard is lost. It would then appear like the accel is dead, because the machine doesn't work when installed, but goes back to working state when the accelerator is removed. The observation is correct, but leads to wrong conclusions. Only a skilled technician will find out, so the A600 accelerator will only be available from resellers who also do this kind of service.

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