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I still have many PSx games that I still play on my PS3 and I consider them still pretty awesome to look at as well as play, heres a a few I really like and think look good still: -

Any WipEout Game (especially Wip3out)
Ridge Racer Type 4
Ridge Racer (Hi Spec demo)
Burning Road (I think this is an awesome Daytona rip off and looks great!)
n2o (Totally amazing GFX and Music by The Crystal Method)
R-Type Delta
Jumping Flash 1 and 2
Tempest X3

And the best of all?

Vib Ribbon. simple line GFX but such an amazing style and play.

I loved my PSx days in the 90's along with my Amiga 1200. for me the PSx was up there with my best times as a gamer.

I built my own arcade cabinet to house 2 linked PSx units back in 1996, It had Recaro Cars seat (10 quid each out of a scrapped Ford Capri), 12 speakers (2 subs under each seat), 6 each player powered by 2 individual amps, 2 tv's, 2 steering wheels, pedals etc. Player 1 machines GFX and Sound output could be switched over to the second players screen and amp for two player single machine games like Tekken, or back seperated for link up games like Doom, Ridge Racer, WipEout etc. Oh I wish I had the space to make one for my PS3. Heres how it looked:-

Had some great nights of mad gaming with friends in that crazy system
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